How COP 119 Certification Enhance contracts Rate?


COP 119 enables companies providing labor to security companies to demonstrate best practices by holding independent certification in the scope of providing labor in the security and events sector, having been audited against the requirements of COP 119. COP 119 practices improve the effectiveness of security guarding service provisions by developing security agents. It assists that security standards are not compromised but instead maintained effectively and necessary contractual requirements are met.

COP119 Certification Enhance Contracts Rate:

Credibility and Trust:

Certifications often establish credibility and trust between parties involved in a contract. When a contract includes references to relevant certifications, it demonstrates that the parties have met specific standards or qualifications, which can instill confidence in the agreement.

Compliance and Quality Assurance:

Certain certifications are designed to ensure compliance with specific regulations, industry standards, or best practices. By incorporating these certifications into contracts, the parties can align their obligations with these requirements, promoting adherence to quality standards and regulatory compliance.

Risk Mitigation:

Certifications can help mitigate risks associated with non-compliance, legal issues, or project failures. When contracts reference certifications related to risk management, cyber security, safety protocols, or other relevant areas, they can provide assurance that the parties have taken necessary precautions to reduce potential risks.

Performance and Service Level Agreements:

Certifications that assess competence, expertise, or proficiency in a particular field can be leveraged to enhance performance and service level agreements. Including certifications in contracts can serve as a measure of the service provider’s capabilities, ensuring that the agreed-upon services meet the required standards.

Competitive Advantage:

Certifications can offer a competitive edge in contract negotiations. If one party possesses certifications that demonstrate superior skills, knowledge, or compliance compared to competitors, it can strengthen their position during negotiations and potentially lead to more favorable contract terms.


COP119 sets the requirements for both company management and personnel management. An appropriate management structure in place, suitable premises and insurance, an ability to demonstrate appropriate management of its financials, defined contractual arrangements, a complaints process, and appropriate record keeping, including retention.

By adhering to these codes of practice, security companies can demonstrate their commitment to professionalism, quality, and ethical behavior, which can help them to build trust with their clients and maintain a strong reputation in the industry.

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