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SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme

Working with ACS Consultancy Group for your SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme.

Working with ACS Consultancy Group for your Audit

Being an Approved Contractor means that you are part of a scheme which is a universally recognised hallmark of quality for suppliers of private security services. The scheme was introduced to raise the standard of security companies and will put you ahead of your competitors.

We have a 100% success rate in achieving the ACS status on behalf of our customers.

What does SIA say?

Approved contractors are demonstrably committed to customer services and the compulsory licensing of their staff. This means their customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law.

What About ACS

The Approved Contractors’ Scheme (ACS) will demonstrate to your customers and suppliers, that your business is running professionally. It proves that you continually strive to improve business processes and that you monitor and control service standards.


Our team will ‘do the work’ not simply advise you on what is required. This will allow you to carry on running the business while the systems are developed.

The security services eligible for Approved Contractor status are:

licensed operatives work
currently approved contractors
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Routes to Approval

There are two routes to gaining ACS accredited status. These are equivalent to each other and ensure that the standards required of all approved contractors are consistent.

Standard Route

Open to all companies – no previous accreditation required. The Standard route to ACS approval begins with a self-assessment that is then verified by an independent assessor from an SIA-approved assessing body.

Passport Route

We accredit certain alternative quality assurance schemes as being equivalent to the ACS Standard. If your business is accredited under one of these schemes you take the Passport route to ACS  Contaractor Scheme approval  

Benefits of getting SIA’s ACS status

Getting SIA ACS status is an effective way for private security companies to evidence that they are offering a quality service to their customers which are trusted through operating ethically, legally and hiring licensed trained security staff who have been properly screened.

Having SIA ACS status is not only helping the SIA fulfilling its main objective of protecting the general public, but it also provides confidence to all stakeholders, for example, customers, consumers, the police force and end-users, that they are dealing with a highly professional security company.

Security companies must meet the SIA ACS standard criteria to achieve approval. The necessities are generic and may be applied to any or all organisations no matter their size or sector. 

Being an SIA Approved Contractor shows that your company is more concerned about client support and gives consolation your private security agents convey quality assistance in any of the attaching to territories where you decide to be evaluated.

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Why SIA ACS Accreditation is important?

The Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) helps security businesses in several ways to work successfully in the highly competitive security industry.


ACS accreditation puts your security business on HIGH STANDARDS

The compulsory licensing only guarantees a certain level of staff competence, it can be effective, but the situation no different or better than that of competitors within the same market. Only one incident or staff’s mistake in judgment can put your business at a loss that will lead to earning a bad reputation.

WHY SEEK SIA ACS certification?

Your potential customers are progressively making SIA ACS endorsement obligatory for their security specialist organizations. In this way, while the plan is willful, accomplishing SIA Approved Contractor Scheme status reinforces your situation in the private security industry and can improve your eligibility.

The Need for SIA ACS
Organisations within the safety industry won’t give much thought to what some consider ‘additional certification’ thinking that because they meet the minimum legal obligations that there is no need for anything else outside of the compulsory licensing requirements.
The Private Security Act of 2001, Sections 3 and Schedule 2, define the kinds of firms that might got to apply for licensing as;
🛑 Security Guarding
🛑 Door Supervision
🛑 Public Space Surveillance
🛑 Key Holding
🛑 Close Protection
🛑 Cash and Valuables in Transit
Those who are unsure then should seek further advice as conducting business without a license may be a criminal offence and may end in a £5,000 and even six-months in prison.