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Why choose the SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme?

Working with ACS Consultancy Group for your SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme

We are committed to deliver exceptional client services. Clearly, that means delivering a robust, high-quality and transparent audit. It also means creating value from our audit. Whether the owners of the business are institutions, private equity firms, or individuals, our audit will provide value and trust.

Audit specialists

We invest heavily in our people, both partners and staff. We ensure that they have the skills and the experience to deliver quality audits. We also demand that they take the time needed to properly understand you and your business. Every business is unique and faces a unique set of circumstances. It is only by understanding that, that we are able to deliver exceptional client service.

Technology for audit

We are also investing in technology in order to improve the quality of our audits. By using advanced data analytics, we are able to process financial data faster and more effectively. This can reduce costs, but the real benefit to you is that our specialist staff can focus on delivering value.


Our team will ‘do the work’ not simply advise you on what is required. This will allow you to carry on running the business while the systems are developed. Our proposal will include:

  • Attend site and ascertain business and support procedures.
  • Produce draft ACS system, tailored to your business and branded with logos and information.
  • Return to site and review the draft system with appropriate management team.
  • Make any amendments to the system.
  • Return to site and run through each procedure with the relevant member of staff and the associated documents/forms.
  • Agree timescales for relevant staff to commence immediate use of the documentation and complete any required documentation such as supplier lists, management action lists, etc.
  • Undertake Pre-assessment of the system to ensure all elements are covered and all are prepared for assessment.
  • 1st day assessment attendance.
  • 12 months telephone support after assessment.

The security services eligible for Approved Contractor status are:

  • BS 7499 Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol
  • BS 7960 Door Supervision
  • BS 7858 Security Screening
  • BS 7958 CCTV
  • BS 7872 Cash in Transit
  • BS 7984 Key Holding and Response Services

Approved Contractor Scheme

It is a voluntary program managed by SIA that measures security suppliers against the standards of independent evaluation. The ACS was established in 2006 with a stated purpose ‘to protect the public and to maintain and improve standards in the private security industry’. The Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation provides buyers with independent proof of a contractor’s commitment to quality. There are currently 748+ approved contractors and more than 134,000 licensed operatives work for one of these companies.

Routes to Approval

There are two routes to gaining ACS accredited status. These are equivalent to each other and ensure that the standards required of all approved contractors are consistent.

Standard Route

Open to all companies – no previous accreditation required. The Standard route to ACS approval begins with a self-assessment that is then verified by an independent assessor from an SIA-approved assessing body.

Passport Route

We accredit certain alternative quality assurance schemes as being equivalent to the ACS Standard. If your business is accredited under one of these schemes you take the Passport route to ACS approval.

“The SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) gives a perceived sign of value inside the private security industry. ACS organisations are thoroughly evaluated against international standards; causing their clients to settle on choices that depend on quality and worth. At the point when you as a customer pick a security provider SIA’s ACS – Why choosing an Approved Contractor who is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) affirmed security worker, you can be certain that the business you are working with has been autonomously checked also, is one of the top providers in the area. Any organisation that is important for the plan has decided to be. ACS is a reformist quality norm.”

Benefits of getting SIA’s ACS status

Getting SIA ACS status is an effective way for private security companies to evidence that they are offering a quality service to their customers which are trusted through operating ethically, legally and hiring licensed trained security staff who have been properly screened.

Having SIA ACS status is not only helping the SIA fulfilling its main objective of protecting the general public, but it also provides confidence to all stakeholders, for example, customers, consumers, the police force and end-users, that they are dealing with a highly professional security company.

Security companies must meet the SIA ACS standard criteria to achieve approval. The necessities are generic and may be applied to any or all organisations no matter their size or sector. The factors are divided into several sub-criteria that when met, should demonstrate how excellent service delivery and sound business management are achieved.

SIA ACS approval is a wellspring of certainty for purchasers of safety administrations. Its system for setting, improving and checking working principles is progressively turning into the base prerequisite for any organization sending a security administration. SIA ACS endorsement is deliberate and in a split second positions your organization as having been freely evaluated and meeting a perceived degree of execution.

ACS covers those pieces of the business managed by the SIA and the Private Security Industry Act 2001 (as changed), requiring the SIA to set up an “arrangement of examination for suppliers of safety administrations, under which those associations who sufficiently satisfy the concurred guidelines might be enrolled as endorsed and may promote themselves accordingly”.

Being an SIA Approved Contractor shows that your company is more concerned about client support and gives consolation your private security agents convey quality assistance in any of the attaching to territories where you decide to be evaluated.

Application requirements

Before being assessed a security company’s application to the standard is accepted by the SIA, the directors and business owners – those with a controlling influence (recorded on Companies House) – they must meet the fit and proper due diligence checks. The checks are included any previous convictions and trends of liquidating companies. Once the application is successful, the company can move to the next stage which is the assessment stage, which must be carried out by an SIA ACS approved certification body. Currently, there are four certification bodies that security firms can choose from. These assessment bodies are UKAS accredited. The four bodies are:

Chamber Certification Assessment Services Ltd (



How could SIA Consultancy help your Business?

ACS will guide you, step-by-step, through the whole process

ACS can help you implement the processes detailed in the workbook, and record the fundamental data needed to accomplish Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation.

Whenever you have gotten endorsement from the Sia, ACS can lead routine evaluations to guarantee you’re keeping up the guidelines needed to keep your Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme accreditation

Why SIA ACS Accreditation is important?

The Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) helps security businesses in several ways to work successfully in the highly competitive security industry.

ACS accreditation puts your security business on HIGH STANDARDS

The compulsory licensing only guarantees a certain level of staff competence, it can be effective, but the situation no different or better than that of competitors within the same market. Only one incident or staff’s mistake in judgment can put your business at a loss that will lead to earning a bad reputation.

The Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) ensures that only the best staff are hired, and thoroughly train the existing staff to meet the required standard.

Competitive Advantage

An increasing number of clients who need security services are looking for ACS certified security companies. The ACS hallmark is helpful for clients to decide which company they should choose. The clients who have experience getting services from security companies, know the exceptional benefits and differences in services between a security business that is ACS approved and the one which is not.

The SIA ACS is a voluntary scheme and it is rapidly becoming a requirement for security businesses. SIA ACS helps security businesses to compete and win the best security contracts.

Being approved to SIA ACS

Demonstrates that your service has been independently assessed against recognised standards which security personnel are properly trained for the role they’re going to perform
Provides a competitive edge over others within the market and provides confidence within the service you’ll provide
Gives you entry to the SIA Register of Approved Contractors emphasising your status together of the strongest providers of personal security services available within the UK

WHY SEEK SIA ACS certification?

Your potential customers are progressively making SIA ACS endorsement obligatory for their security specialist organizations. In this way, while the plan is willful, accomplishing SIA Approved Contractor Scheme status reinforces your situation in the private security industry and can improve your eligibility..

The Need for SIA ACS

Organisations within the safety industry won’t give much thought to what some consider ‘additional certification’ thinking that because they meet the minimum legal obligations that there is no need for anything else outside of the compulsory licensing requirements.

The Private Security Act of 2001, Sections 3 and Schedule 2, define the kinds of firms that might got to apply for licensing as;

Security Guarding

Door Supervision

Public Space Surveillance

Key Holding

Close Protection

Cash and Valuables in Transit

Those who are unsure then should seek further advice as conducting business without a license may be a criminal offence and may end in a £5,000 and even six-months in prison.