ACS Consultancy Group


Screening & Vetting is an umbrella body to the many organizations. After that, we are able to ensure the suitability of individuals for any given position.

Requirements of Screening and Vetting BS7858

▶ 5 years of employment verification

▶ Proof of ID & UK right to figure

▶ Proof of address

▶ A legitimate SIA license or completing basic disclosure/ACPO

▶ Coverage of any 31+ day employment gaps

Benefits of Screening & Vetting BS7858

  1. There are many benefit to gaining and get ahead certification to BS7858. 
    ▶   Demonstrates top management responsibility
    ▶   Attract new customers
    ▶   Evidences legal compliance
    ▶   Boost brand reputation
    ▶   Retain existing customers
    ▶   Evidences continual compliance
    ▶   Reduce risk of reputational damage

How can we help ?
We can help you to gain or maintain your approved contractor status with the security industry authority (SIA). ACS Consultancy Group has been vetting licensed activities since the start of SIA licensing in 2005.

Get in touch with our friendly team, if you are looking for additional guidance and advice on BS7858 Screening.