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BS7858 is the best practice procedure published by the British Standards Institution. It is used by businesses and industries across the UK to enhance the security and recruitment process. This type of screening is used for individuals employed in a security environment.

BS7858 sets the standard for security screening of staff in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential. It can also be applied to situations where security screening is in the public’s interest.

Why Choose BS7858 Security Screening?

Organisations are able to add other bespoke screening services to their package, building their own unique version of BS7858, going above and beyond to enhance safeguarding and data validation.

Our referencing team has extensive industry knowledge and experience with BS7858 vetting. They can manage all applications from individual contractor screening to high volume submissions with tight deadlines, whilst providing first direct customer and applicant support throughout the entire process.

Which Services Are Involved?

The organisations give preference to partner with a trustworthy background screening company, working cooperatively to find out whether a full BS7858 service is required to the exact standard. So, an organisation may wish to adopt a package of services based upon the standard. A package that is fully compliant with the BS7858 standard would consist of:

Basic Criminal Record Check – Search for ‘unspent’ convictions

Credit Enquiry – Credit Score, ID Verification, Electoral Roll Verification, Address Verification, CCJ, Bankruptcy, Insolvency and IVA Search

Employment Check – 5-Year Written Employment Verification with Gap Verification

Character Reference – Typically covers candidate strengths, areas for growth, adaptability and integrity

BS7858 Vetting Requirements

* 5 years of employment verification
* 6-year credit search
* Proof of ID & UK right to figure
* Proof of address
* A legitimate SIA license or completing basic disclosure/ACPO
* Coverage of any 31+ day employment gaps

Employers also are required to open up a screening file for every individual. They need to keep it for 7 years after the person has stopped working for them.
Having one standard across the United Kingdom is extremely helpful. It means the general public are often sure that the safety staff they are available across are checked as far as possible. Employers can have peace of mind knowing that the people working for them are as trustworthy as they will be.
Reducing the danger during this way is significant for employers. Providing unstable staff to an occasion or dishonest people for a store could cause serious damage to the businesses image.

SIA BS7858 Vetting Summary Security guarding and companies need screening to realize or maintain their ACS accreditation and security officers need screening to be SIA licensed and suits the law if they’re involved in any of the subsequent licensed activities: Cash and some Valuables in Transit (CVIT), Close Protection (CP), Door Supervision which is (DS), Public Space Surveillance (CCTV,) Security Guarding which is (SG), Vehicle Immobilisation (VI), And Key Holding (KH). Whether you’ve got one or many files to process we deliver an equivalent excellent service. Found a drag together with your files otherwise, you have an imminent ACS audit, we are specialists in delivering on large volume projects. If you’re recruiting personnel to figure during a security-related environment that isn’t related to the safety Industry Authority (SIA) you would like an easy BS7858 check,

we are here to assist.

BSI accredited and quality management system for BS7858 security screening.

SIA BS7858 Vetting Service includes:

Confirmation of name, address & date of birth

Right to figure SIA License confirmation 5- or 10-year career history verification No SIA license?

Complete for a basic record disclosure or ACPO check Financial Public Record check:

CCJ’s plus, insolvency, bankruptcy,

IVA’s, directorships & address links Verification of any career gap in more than 31 days Financial sanction list check Education checks as appropriate Optional

– Social media is a check for risk assessed roles Certificate of screening & full audit

file supplied when vetting is complete of Form

BS7858 Vetting Procedure

The standard also includes other pieces of UK legislation like the proper to figure. this is often a requirement for all UK employers. this suggests that one check is often administered for basic employment and security duties.
The standard also requires that breaks employed of quite 31 days are fully explained. for many people, it could simply be periods of unemployment. Possibly an additional long holiday. Maybe even a sabbatical or a period of studying faraway from the workplace. For others, however, any long period out of labour may mean something more sinister. Maybe a prison sentence or being persisted remand.
Previously only 2 personal referees were required for this. Now the documentary proof is required. Utility bills, bank statements, and correspondence including 1 character covering a niche employed.
There is an outsized number of things to see. Employee vetting is really a reasonably complex administrative issue. it’s tough to seek out and gather all of the knowledge needed. Then this information must be analysed correctly. the issues for the smaller employer are added to once they are also required to access external services rarely like credit check firms. The smaller company will face higher costs as they tend to possess a coffee volume of service use.
The break employed requirement also causes problems. the foremost common must surely be the housewife or husband that returns to figure after a period taking care of young children. this may show up during BS7858 screening. they’re going to got to provide any evidence for his or her absence from the workforce and a private referee. the quantity of documentary evidence round the break is, after all, likely to be scarce if they need not claimed benefits.
There is possibly an extra more fundamental issue with the new BS7858 standard. that’s the reliance on documentary evidence. If we imagine a UK national who spends 3 months in a Spanish prison. Clearly, they might have the property tax bill for his or her property as this is often issued annually. Utility bills would even be available for an equivalent period. it’s tough to imagine that they’d be ready to get someone to write down a false personal reference. it’s also possible that somebody could also be acting as a career living in with a relative. He or she doesn’t pay any of the bills. they’ll haven’t any outside acquaintances available to write down a reference. during this case, the person might be unduly discriminated against thanks to the shortage of paperwork.
Clearly, this is often not an easy process. this is often true for the smaller companies especially as they little within the way of in-house HR capability. Outsourcing this to an experienced company like Checkback Vetting Solutions Centre is sensible. This works on many levels. First from the purpose of view of cost and efficiency. Secondly as how of ensuring compliance with regulations.

Does BS7858 form a crucial part of your screening programme? Contact us today to find out more.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and nothing contained in it should be construed as legal advice. We expressly disclaim any warranty or responsibility for wrong arising out of this information.

BS7858 standard’s recent update i.e. “Screening of people Working in an exceedingly Secure Environment – Code of Practice” emphasises the chance assessment of secure environment workers. The new code focuses on the need for more firm controls over the pre-employment screening and periodic re-screening of people, who in their positions could potentially enjoy an illegitimate personal gain, become compromised or benefit from other opportunities for creating breaches of confidentiality, trust or safety.

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