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Internal Audit


Internal audit is a method of evaluating and assessing an organisation’s internal controls, risk management procedures, and financial reporting systems. The primary objective of internal audit is to provide independent assurance to management and the board of directors regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of internal controls and to identify areas for improvement. The internal audit process may have different steps and procedures depending on the organisation.

ISO Internal Audit Services from ACS Consultancy Group:

We can offer you an internal audit service where we will manage the system on your behalf. This will guarantee that:

Why Choose Us

We are committed to deliver exceptional client services. Clearly, that means delivering a robust, high-quality and transparent audit.Whether the owners of the business are institutions, private equity firms, or individuals, our audit will provide value and trust.ACS Consultants is committed to conducting an internal audit that aligns with the relevant standard. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to meet and exceed expectations. Trust us to provide a comprehensive and thorough audit that will exceed your requirements.