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We are indeed a one stop destination for business consultancy services providing complete solutions to security companies and commercial sector. We offer guidance for new start up, from company formation to run a business. Our aim is to help you choose the best of the best operational systems so that you can have the finest business management systems today for a successful and better tomorrow. Our team is a unique bunch of bright, focused and talented individuals who enjoy working hard, love challenges and believe in bringing you the best experience possible. Our efficient team helps and guides you in achieving the SIA ACS accreditation successfully. We offer you complete assistance from basic paperwork to all required procedures, to create a simple and operational management system SIA ACS Approved Contractor Scheme.

The best part being with us is that we additionally give tests on solicitation to finish the methodology. In the event that you likewise need to know the technique of how to do workers screening and reviewing, at that point an arrangement of supreme free preparing is additionally there. ACS Consultancy Group vows to simplify things in accomplishing the endorsement.Our Expertise and expert Services can truly assist you with arriving at your objectives effectively. Attempt us today!

The objective of SIA ACS lies firmly on improving performance standards, hence the need to undertake a rigorous approval procedure. Both the company and those that run it will be assessed and checked to ascertain whether they are deemed suitably capable and appropriately qualified to do their jobs.

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We have proven reputation and track record for helping companies through audits to achieve Accreditations and Certifications. We are specialists within the security industry and have 100% success rate!

Internal Audit Services

We are committed to deliver exceptional client services. Clearly, that means delivering quality and transparent audit.

SIA Approved Contractors Scheme

We are committed to deliver exceptional client services. Clearly, that means delivering quality and transparent audit.

ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)

ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).


This scheme looks at your health and safety documents and procedures to make sure they meet a certain standard.

CHAS Scheme

CHAS is an accreditation that proves that a contractor’s health and safety processes meet a benchmarked standard.

Construction Line

Construction line is the UK’s largest Government-owned register of contractors and consultants for the construction.

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Our experience means that we are ready to answer all your questions  in a prompt professional manner. All in accordance with security industry authority licensing and other awarding bodies. Call Us:  020 7164 6993



We offer you complete guidance and step by step direction in getting all above accreditations with complete documentation.

“This service permits SIA to help completely control your private security business at all times review measure from finishing your online ACS exercise manual to your last review, references accessible on demand. The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is a willful program set up by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). At ACS Consultants, we have experts who help the UK’s private security businesses in getting ACS certification which is done by our professionals. Remember, we are the least expensive and highly responsive in the UK. At the point when your association shows the ACS accreditation mark, you will console your clients, planned clients and representatives that they’ve decided to work with one of the absolute best security suppliers in the business. They will realise that your association has been estimated against and has met a thorough arrangement of freely evaluated principles”

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Our team will help you in achieving SIA ACS, ISO-9001 and other industry accreditations and certifications. We will hold your hand and provide complete assistance with paperwork; workbooks; implement procedures; create a simple and operational/quality management system and sit in your audit with you.

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We offer you complete assistance from basic paperwork to all procedures required, to create a simple and operational management system. We are a team of qualified members ready to answer all your questions in a professional way. Our commitment and strong Quality Management System helps you to make your business in accordance with security industry authority licensing.

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Successful Track Record

100% track record in audit services, consultation SIA ACS, ISO-9001-2015, All H&S Certifications.

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If there are other accreditations you need for your business, let us know. We can accommodate your requirements to help you grow.



Our Expertise and professional Services can really help you to reach your goals successfully. Try us today!