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Our Services during Covid-19

In these unprecedented times, we can offer some unique and alternative approaches to providing services with a slight difference, keeping in mind the protection and safety of our customers and staff.

Certifications and Accreditation are as important as it was before Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, it is need of the day to keep everything going. So, we follow the process subsequently:

Business Resource and Capacity:

We have risk assessed planned business development within the short to medium term to confirm that we’ve ample resource for our existing, committed customers. Your needs are our priority.

Workplace Health and Hygiene:

We have enhanced cleaning across all our facilities and have briefed our teams on best practices in preventing the spread of the virus. We are communicating with our people to confirm compliance to guidance on personal social distancing and self-isolation.

Human Resource and Staff Welfare

We have increased recruitment and screening activity to create resource and have put in situ additional agreements with key suppliers. you will see new faces at your site as we work to make sure appropriate cover.
We are supporting existing staff to reassure them on matters including paid leave and leave for care of dependents.

Operations and Administration:

Core administrative functions are being applied remotely. this is often a tested and robust process supported secure, cloud-based applications.

Management Support:

Routine communication with line staff and clients is now going down via video conference or telephone.

Social and Workplace Distancing:

We are asking our staff and contractors to minimise social and non-essential workplace contact between themselves and therefore the area people.

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