SafeContractor check and balance of Safety Standard


SafeContractor is a third-party accreditation scheme that assesses the health and safety practices of contractors and service providers. It helps organisations ensure that their contractors operate in a safe and responsible manner.

SafeContractor employs several check and balance mechanisms to ensure that contractors meet and maintain the required safety standards. Here is some of the check and balance measures implemented by SafeContractor:

Documentation Review:

SafeContractor conducts a thorough review of contractors’ health and safety documentation, including policies, procedures, risk assessments, training records, and insurance certificates. This process ensures that contractors have the necessary documentation in place to demonstrate compliance with safety requirements.

Site Visits and Audits:

SafeContractor conducts site visits and audits to assess contractors’ safety practices firsthand. Trained assessors visit contractors’ worksites to evaluate safety protocols, identify potential hazards, and verify compliance with safety standards. These visits and audits provide an objective assessment of contractors’ safety performance.

Performance Monitoring:

SafeContractor monitors the performance of accredited contractors on an ongoing basis. This includes tracking safety incidents, reviewing accident records, and evaluating contractors’ response and corrective actions. By monitoring performance, SafeContractor can identify any areas of concern and work with contractors to address them.

Accreditation Renewal:

SafeContractor accreditation is not a one-time certification. Contractors must renew their accreditation periodically, usually annually or biannually. This renewal process requires contractors to demonstrate that they continue to meet the safety criteria set by SafeContractor. It ensures that contractors maintain their safety standards over time.

Feedback and Complaints:

SafeContractor encourages feedback and complaints from clients, workers, and the public regarding contractors’ safety performance. Any concerns or issues raised are thoroughly investigated by SafeContractor, and appropriate actions are taken to address them. This feedback loop helps identify potential non-compliance or safety gaps that need to be rectified.

Continuous Improvement:

SafeContractor emphasizes continuous improvement in safety practices. Contractors are encouraged to implement recommendations provided by SafeContractor assessors, attend additional training programs, and stay updated on evolving safety regulations. By actively seeking improvement, contractors can enhance their safety performance and meet changing safety requirements.


These check and balance measures ensure that SafeContractor maintains a robust and reliable accreditation process, promoting a culture of safety and accountability among contractors.

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