What is the BS7858 Standard?

What is the BS7858 Standard?

The BS7858 Standard is a code of practice released by BSI (British Standards Institution) that gives suggestions for the screening of individuals working in a secure environment.

Screening to this standard is basic in case you’re enlisting a person who is included with (but not restricted to):

  • The security or safety of individuals
  • Merchandise and Services
  • Information
  • Property

Previously, a vital standard in security sector, BS7858 presently applies to all sectors where a secure environment is present.

The BS7858 Standard was last revised in September 2019 (specifically, BS7858:2019)  

Who is the Standard for?

The standard was developed with the security sectors in intellect. The security workforce is controlled by the Security Industry Specialist (SIA). On the off chance that your organisation wishes to connect the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme, at that pointyou must illustratecompliance to BS7858.

However, the standard moreover applies to companies where individuals work in sensitive areas or where huge amounts of sensitive is processed. For example, Banking, Communications, Healthcare, Media, Education, Government, Insurance, Retail etc.)

The standard is not only applicable to employees of an organisation, but to sole dealers, associations, temporary and permanent employees, and to all levels of seniority, including executives.

Why is this Standard Important?

While a few background checks may provide adequate data for certain parts (e.g. BPSS), the BS7858 standard provides a robust and comprehensive system to ensure successful screening.

Working towards this standard can anticipate the hiring of individuals with unfavorable motives. As a result, this ensures both your company and the public.

In expansion, companies with the large workforce, third-party contractors, and staff working from home they all have the same access to company assets, data, and information.

Subsequently, it is vital to have a process in place to ensure all involved parties are screened (and, as a result, trustworthy)

What Services are Included for BS7858?

The Code of Practice for BS7858 requires:

Identity Checks

Identity Checks must be accompanied with by duplicates of original identification documents, such as a birth certification, passport, and /or driving licence.

  • ID Affirmation
  • Five Years Address History
  • Right to Work Check (for Non-British)
  • Character References
  • SIA Licence Check
  • Financial Checks
  • Five Years Employment Checks

Financial Checks

Also known as a credit enquiry, the financial checks looks into:

  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency / IVA
  • CCJs up to a esteem of £10,000
  • Credit Score

Employment Checks

This includes an investigation of all periods of work, self-employment, and employment gaps of up to 31 days. These checks requires:

  • 5 or 10 years Employment History
  • Gap Referencing (more in depth and amplified to 31 days)

Criminal Record

This is often performed as an essential level (fundamental divulgence), which subtle elements unspent criminal convictions and conditional cautions:

  • Basic Criminal Record (DBS) or Divulgence Scotland

Public Security Verification

This process will cross-reference the individual’s name against watch lists, fraud, and sanctions databases. Such searches will identify on the off chance if an individual has any antagonistic media attention or affiliations with any illegal substances. For example, an international sanction check will detect if a candidate is suspected to be subsidiary with terrorism, animal rights, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms dealing, war crimes white collar fraud, or other illegal activities.

What Changes were made to BS7858:2019?

The total wording of BS7858:2019 can be found here:

The main components of the BS7858:2019 changes:

  • Global Watch list Check was included
  • Social Media Checks (recommended as best practice) was included
  • Expulsion of Character References
  • Right to Work Checks Comparing to DBS Character Necessities
  • Retention of each Candidate’s Screening Record (records must be held for 7 years after an employee has left)
  • Personnel who are Screening to the BS7858 Standard must be appropriately trained

How Long Does BS7858 Last?

Employers are required to keep a BS7858 check record for seven years for an employee has stopped working for them.


As you can see the requirements are comprehensive and outlined to give both employer and candidate confidence in the suitability of the candidate to become a security operative.

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