BS7858 Security Screening – What UK Employers Need to Know

What precisely is the UK Standard BS7858?

The UK Standard BS7858 could be a best practice approach for those working in secure situations and is laid out and recommended by the British Standards Institution. BS7858 provides information on how to screen candidates in ‘’Secure’’ workplaces, which are portrayed as places where an insider might take or compromise the integrity of data, information, or other physical and intellectual resources; or jeopardize security.

BS7858:2012 vs BS7858:2019: What are the Key Differences?

Pre-employment background checks for those that work in a secure environment was the first centre of the initial screening standard; Nowadays, in any case, the scope has been extended. This now incorporates a wide range of companies in expansion to the previously employed security sectors (and those that cover) combining situations inside security, secure or delicate settings. The BS7858 security screening procedure is anticipated to end up the industry standard due to its vigorous approach.

The BS7858:2012 standard was replaced on March 31, 2020, and the 2019 standard was presented on 30th September, and currently the guidelines for businesses performing background checks on workers in secure environments.

Employers who want to hire secure workers, and those inside the security sector, can use this British standard to help them. It provides guidelines for best practices and sets up the benchmark for personnel security screening in settings where the security of individuals, things, or property is vital. Data security, fragile service contracts, and private records all fall under this category. It covers subordinate staff, acquisitions and exchanges, and the security conditions of contractors and subcontractors.

BS7858 Security Screening Standard Check:

To form beyond any doubt that the anticipated standards are maintained inside these specific sectors, BS7858screening is a recommended approach. With the changes that come with BS7858:2019, there’s a more prominent focus on top management within the screening process, in order to maximise effectiveness. Obligations incorporate implementing the appropriate assets and increased accountability for the risks within the process.

You can console your clients, staff, board, regulators, and auditors that you have taken the fundamental safety precautions to lower the risk of data breaches and hire someone who shouldn’t be handling personal, confidential, and sensitive data by having your employees undergo screening in accordance with BS7858.

Who is BS7858 Security Screening For?

  • For the Security Sector. The Security Industry Authority (SIA), which determines its authority from the Private Security Industry Act 2001, oversees the security industry personnel. Organisations who wish to be a part of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme must appear that they follow to British standards, including BS7858.
  • For Any Non-Security Organisation seeking to vet personnel working in sensitive locations including crucial infrastructure sites and those with access to sensitive data, materials, or innovation. Industries and organisations incorporate the retail sector, sports or amusement, facilities management, local government authorities and HR departments within.

Three Major Benefits of BS7858 Security Standard

  1. Having a single robust standard gives companies and the general public more noteworthy confidence that security personnel and those in secure environments are competent and reliable for the position in question, particularly when critical infrastructure and sensitive information are at stake.
  2. Risk reduction is crucial for employers. B7858 screening can offer assistance to employers illustrates competence in their workforce as well as identifying and precluding those with alarming red flags and major discrepancies within the hiring process.
  3. The standard is a comprehensive approach that incorporates mandatory checks alongside supplementary screening solutions that provide an adjusted evaluation of a person’s financial background, criminal history and worldwide impression.


For employers and capable organisations that handle sensitive data and deal with critical infrastructure, its essential risk is diminished when hiring employees.

Indeed, on the off chance of workers and contractors are honest and ethically upright, companies might sometimes drop casualty to insiders who have access to sensitive resources and are within positions of trust. In spite of the fact that BS7858 was initially developed for the security sector, it can be utilised by any industry that employs people who are anticipated to work in secure environments and even outside of those – as a better approach. The extreme objective of screening is to gather sufficient data to let businesses decide with certainty whether to hire a person – creating environments built on trust and safety.  

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