Winning Business with CHAS: Why Accreditation Matters


The primary goal of CHAS is to assess the health and safety competence of contractors and service providers. By undergoing the CHAS accreditation process, companies demonstrate that they meet specific health and safety standards and legal requirements. This helps clients and potential customers assess a contractor’s capability and commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

Companies are choosing CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) for several compelling reasons,

Demonstrating Health and Safety Compliance:

CHAS accreditation provides evidence that a company has met specific health and safety standards and legal requirements. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees and others affected by its operations.

Enhanced Reputation and Credibility:

Being CHAS accredited enhances a company’s reputation within the industry and among clients. It tells prospective clients that the company takes health and safety seriously and operates at high standards.

Access to Business Opportunities:

Many clients and organisations require their contractors and suppliers to have CHAS accreditation. By obtaining CHAS, companies can access a broader range of business opportunities and increase their chances of winning contracts.

Streamlined Prequalification Process:

CHAS accreditation simplifies the prequalification process for companies bidding on projects. It provides evidence of the company’s health and safety competence, reducing the need for repetitive paperwork in multiple applications.

Competitive Advantage:

CHAS-Accredited companies often have a competitive edge over non-accredited competitors. Clients and organisations are more likely to prioritize contractors with a proven commitment to health and safety.

Reduced Risk and Incidents:

CHAS standards are more likely to lead to safe work environments, which decreases the risk of accidents, injuries, and costly incidents for companies that follow them.

Client Confidence:

CHAS accreditation assures clients that the contractor has been independently assessed for its health and safety competence. This confidence can lead to better working relationships and continued business partnerships.

Alignment with Legislation:

CHAS assists companies in staying up-to-date with relevant health and safety legislation and regulations, ensuring legal compliance in their operations.

Focus on Continuous Improvement:

CHAS promotes a culture of continuous improvement in health and safety practices. Companies are encouraged to identify areas for improvement and implement measures to enhance safety performance.

Industry Recognition:

CHAS is a widely recognised and respected accreditation scheme in the UK and beyond. Companies with CHAS accreditation can showcase their commitment to safety and professionalism to stakeholders, including potential investors and partners.


Overall, CHAS accreditation can help companies to improve their health and safety management, reduce risk, and enhance their reputation, making it a valuable investment for any organisation.

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