SafeContractor Scheme – How can it help you?

SafeContractor Scheme

SafeContractor accreditation is something you may have to know about. No problem, we’re going to explain it which will help answer any questions you might have.

SafeContractor Scheme?

SafeContractor is a third party accreditation scheme, which evidences to potential customers that you meet specific standards of health and safety.

Why Should One Apply for SafeContractor?

As just have said that SafeContractor shows that your company takes health and safety a serious matter. It was devised to review and audit health and safety policies, procedures and documentation. As it reviews your company’s health and safety procedures and SafeContractor Scheme proves that you can meet the required standard, it reduces the safe contractors need to complete and submit multiple health and safety questionnaires to clients.

SafeContractor is used by many public and private companies as a pre-qualification after they are shortlisting contractors, suppliers and consultants for jobs. When your company becomes SafeContractor approved, it is put onto the SafeContractor database, which is used by many household names. These larger clients have access to the list, meaning it releases up more doors to your business to potentially safe contractors tender and works for these larger organisations, as they know the businesses on it are already achieving the desired health and safety standards.

The sectors SafeContractor Covers

SafeContractor covers about one hundred and twenty different kinds of sectors e.g. education, property management, construction, finance, retail, leisure and manufacturing companies safe contractors. As far as contractors are concerned, the company can become SafeContractor Scheme approved if you’re in general building, electrical, mechanical services, environmental, pressure systems, and construction and building services.

SafeContractor – What are the Benefits of Being Approved?

  • One of the main benefits of being SafeContractor approved is that your company can immediately display your compliance with health and safety law to the customers
  • It opens up more doors in terms of tendering for work – a client will consider you over someone who isn’t SafeContractor approved
  • Also, it will give you the SafeContractor Scheme the opportunity to tender for bigger and better contracts, that means giving your business the potential to grow and generate more revenue
  • It can also help in improving your business’ productivity. Because, if you are spending less time filling in Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (as SafeContractor helps with the health and safety sections) and more time on other aspects of the business


The SafeContractor makes you take a look at your health and safety practices. If you think something is going to stop you achieving, you are likely to try and improve that area safe contractors, which can only be a benefit to you and any staff that you’ve got. Plus, as you begin to standardise your processes, it can help to improve communication and standards throughout the business.

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