Benefits of COP 119 for Businesses in the Security Sector


The Code of Practice for Security Companies, commonly known as COP 119, comprises a set of guidelines and standards intended for security companies. These guidelines are established to ensure that security firms maintain high levels of professionalism and service quality while operating ethically and responsibly. Typically, industry associations or regulatory bodies set these codes, aiming to promote integrity and excellence within the security industry.

Benefits of COP 119:

Demonstrating Legal Compliance: Adhering to COP 119 enables security companies to demonstrate their commitment to meeting legal and legislative requirements. This compliance fosters trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Enhancing Stakeholder Confidence: Compliance with COP 119 standards can significantly boost stakeholder confidence by ensuring the quality, integrity, and reputation of a business. It shows that the company is dedicated to meeting government legislation and regulations.

Key Areas Covered by COP 119:

COP 119 encompasses various critical aspects for security companies, including:

Legal Compliance: Security firms must rigorously adhere to all relevant laws and regulations pertinent to their services.

Training and Qualifications: Ensuring that staff members are adequately trained and qualified to perform their duties is a crucial requirement under COP 119.

Equipment and Technology: Security companies must employ suitable and effective equipment and technology to provide their services effectively.

Communication and Reporting: COP 119 mandates that security firms communicate effectively with clients and provide regular, transparent reports on their activities.

Quality Assurance: Implementing quality assurance procedures is essential to ensure that services are consistently delivered at the highest standards.

COP 119’s Role in Labour Provision in the Security and Event Sector:

COP 119 also plays a pivotal role in labour provision for the security and events sector. It facilitates companies offering labour to security firms in demonstrating best practices. Independent certification under COP 119 ensures that these labour providers meet the code’s stringent requirements, which, in turn, enhances the effectiveness of security services and helps maintain security standards while meeting contractual obligations.

Risks of Not Complying with COP 119:

Failure to manage labour provision adequately can lead to various issues, including poor practices that compromise supply chain integrity, exploitation of workers, and potential risks to public safety. Common problems include inadequate security screening, insufficient controls over SIA licensing, and non-compliance with Working Time Regulations, right-to-work checks, minimum wage laws, and employment status assessments.

Approval and Compliance with COP 119:

To gain approval under COP 119, suppliers must undergo a comprehensive audit to demonstrate compliance with its objectives. These objectives cover areas such as finances, payroll, insurance, screening, training, contractual documentation, personnel, suppliers, and confidentiality.

COP 119 Standards and Evaluation:

Compliance with COP 119 involves monitoring SIA Deployed Security Officer Licenses, adhering to working hour regulations, ensuring minimum wage payments, conducting right-to-work checks, and confirming employment status. Companies must establish appropriate management structures, maintain proper contractual arrangements, and manage their finances effectively.

Furthermore, companies should maintain a transparent complaints process, accurate record-keeping, and timely payments through a PAYE-compliant system. Compliance with National Minimum Wage/Living Wage requirements, right-to-work legislation, pensions, and paid holidays is also essential. Policies and training, particularly in health and safety, must be implemented, and employee records should be meticulously maintained.


By adhering to COP 119, security companies can demonstrate their commitment to professionalism, service quality, and ethical conduct. This not only builds trust with clients but also helps maintain a strong reputation within the security industry.

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