CHAS Accreditation Elevating Health and Safety Standards for Contractors


CHAS, which stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, is a prestigious government-endorsed accreditation program that plays a crucial role in ensuring exemplary standards of health and safety throughout the entire United Kingdom. This scheme plays a pivotal role in helping businesses demonstrate their unwavering commitment to health and safety regulations. CHAS’s main objective is to simplify contractor assessment processes for organisations looking to hire contractors that meet high health and safety standards.

By securing CHAS accreditation, contractors and service providers have the means to spotlight their dedication to safeguarding health and safety. Demonstrating commitment through this emblem can greatly benefit you when competing for contracts or impressing potential clients with your competence. The CHAS assessment evaluates all aspects of a contractor’s health and safety management, including policies, procedures, risk management, training, and adherence to regulations. The culmination of a successful assessment is CHAS accreditation, providing reassurance to clients and evidencing a commitment to fostering a secure working environment.

CHAS Accreditation in a Nutshell:

CHAS accreditation is a symbol of a contractor’s devotion to maintaining high health and safety standards, and it entails a comprehensive assessment of their health and safety policies, procedures, and practices. This process encompasses the review of documentation, an evaluation of health and safety management systems, and may even include an on-site assessment for thorough validation.


Benefits of CHAS Accreditation:

Enhanced Business Reputation: CHAS accreditation goes beyond mere compliance; it enhances a contractor’s reputation by signifying their dedication to health and safety practices, serving as a beacon that can attract new clients and business opportunities.

Streamlined Pre-Qualification Process: CHAS accreditation acts as a shortcut in the pre-qualification process. It clearly demonstrates compliance with health and safety prerequisites, reducing the need for repetitive assessments each time a contractor bids for a contract.

Health and Safety Emphasis: The essence of CHAS lies in ensuring contractors have robust health and safety management systems in place. This, in turn, mitigates the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

CHAS Compliance: The CHAS assessment serves as a critical measure to evaluate a contractor’s adherence to health and safety laws. Checks compliance with regulations, including the Health and Safety at Work Act, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and industry-specific rules.

Mutual Recognition: CHAS has entered into mutual recognition agreements with other health and safety assessment schemes in the UK, such as Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP). This means that if a contractor holds accreditation with one scheme, others are more likely to recognize it, simplifying the pre-qualification process.

CHAS Client Benefits: The CHAS spectrum extends beyond contractors; clients can become CHAS members as well. As CHAS clients, organisations gain access to resources and support that aids them in managing their supply chain while ensuring that the contractors they hire comply with the requisite health and safety standards.

Competitive Advantage: Holding CHAS accreditation presents contractors with a competitive edge. Numerous clients prefer to engage with contractors who have clearly demonstrated their commitment to health and safety.

CHAS Portal: CHAS operates a user-friendly online portal where contractors can efficiently submit their documentation, manage their accreditation process, and access a treasure trove of resources and information linked to health and safety compliance.

CHAS Membership: In addition to accreditation, CHAS extends membership opportunities to both contractors and clients. CHAS members gain access to an array of resources, training programs, and support structures that enhance their health and safety practices.

CHAS Assessment Criteria: The CHAS assessment criteria encompass an extensive array of health and safety aspects, touching upon risk assessment, policy statements, safe systems of work, staff training and competency, monitoring and review processes, and adherence to legislation.

Applicability: CHAS accreditation is not confined to a single industry; it traverses sectors, reaching contractors and service providers across various domains. While it is often sought after in the construction and engineering sectors, it has relevance in facilities management and related industries.



CHAS accreditation goes beyond simply confirming compliance. It proves a contractor’s commitment to creating a safe working environment. The benefits of using it include improving a company’s reputation, making pre-qualification easier, prioritising health and safety, ensuring compliance, and gaining a competitive edge.

CHAS helps clients find contractors with high health and safety standards. The assessment criteria cover an extensive spectrum of health and safety facets, thus ensuring a holistic evaluation. As the accreditation typically spans a one-year duration, contractors are encouraged to diligently uphold the established standards. For the most accurate, up-to-date information, consulting the official CHAS website or reaching out to CHAS directly is advised.


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