BS7858 Screening & Vetting


BS 7858 is a British Standard that provides guidance on the screening and vetting of individuals for security purposes. It outlines the processes and criteria for conducting background checks, verifying identities, and assessing the suitability of individuals for specific roles or access to sensitive information or areas.

The standard covers various aspects of screening and vetting, including:

Risk Assessment: It emphasizes the importance of conducting a risk assessment to identify the potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with specific roles or access to certain information or areas. This assessment helps determine the level of screening and vetting required.

Identity Verification: The standard provides guidance on verifying the identity of individuals through various means, such as checking official documents, conducting interviews, or using biometric technologies.

Employment History Checks: It recommends conducting thorough checks on an individual’s employment history, including verifying past positions, job responsibilities, and reasons for leaving previous employment.

Qualifications and Certifications: The standard highlights the importance of verifying an individual’s qualifications, certifications, and professional memberships relevant to the role or position being considered.

Criminal Record Checks: It outlines the requirements for conducting criminal record checks to identify any previous convictions or offenses that could pose a risk to security.

Financial Checks: The standard suggests conducting financial checks, such as credit history and bankruptcy checks, particularly for roles involving access to financial systems or sensitive financial information.

Personal References: It provides guidance on obtaining and verifying personal references to gain insights into an individual’s character, reliability, and integrity.

Protection of Reputation and Brand: Implementing BS 7858 and obtaining approval helps protect an organisation’s reputation and brand image. It demonstrates a proactive approach to security and a commitment to safeguarding employees, clients, and assets. This can enhance customer confidence, improve brand perception, and contribute to long-term success.

Access to Security-Sensitive Contracts or Projects: Many contracts or projects, particularly in sectors such as security services, transportation, defense, or critical infrastructure, require organisations to meet specific security standards. Having BS 7858 approval can make an organisation eligible for such contracts or projects, expanding business opportunities and potentially leading to lucrative partnerships.

Continuous Monitoring: BS 7858 emphasizes the need for ongoing monitoring and reassessment of individuals’ suitability, particularly for roles involving long-term access to sensitive information or areas.

Competitive advantage: Having BS 7858 approval can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It showcases an organisation’s commitment to security and sets it apart from competitors who may not have undergone the same level of screening and vetting processes. This can be particularly advantageous when competing for contracts or projects that require stringent security measures.


It’s important to note that obtaining BS 7858 approval requires a commitment of resources, time, and expertise to meet the standard’s requirements. However, the benefits of enhanced credibility, regulatory compliance, competitive advantage, risk mitigation, reputation protection, and access to specialized contracts make it a worthwhile investment for organisations prioritizing strong security measures.

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