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What is BS7858? The BS7858:2019 Standard is the code of practice, published by the BSI (British Standards Institute), that gives recommendations for the screening of individuals working in a secure environment where the security or safety of people, goods and services, data or property is required o...
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Is ISO 9001 Still Relevant?

The ISO standard is updated every five years and as it’s a universal standard, it can be applied to any business in any sector.  Adopt the ISO 9001:2015 and you’re prepared for any quality eventuality. What Is ISO 9001:2015? The ISO 9001:2015 requirement helps companies to develop their qua...
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ISo 9001

ISO 9001 Quality Management Principle

Customers increasingly want a guarantee from businesses that the products and services the customers are buying have gone through quality management best practices. Adopting the ISO 9001 standard is one step towards offering that guarantee of quality assurance. ISO 9001 is the most well- known inter...
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What is an internal audit?

Why does internal audit matter?Internal audit matters because we deal with issues that count to the organisations we serve. Through our work, we help the people who run organisations to do so effectively on behalf of their stakeholders. For government organisations, those stakeholders include the pu...
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COMPETENT EMPLOYEES A competent employee is one that has the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge so training plays a big part in achieving this.  ISO training will give your team a greater understanding of your management system, how it can be integrated into your daily activities and t...
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ISO 9000 VS. 9001: What’s the Difference?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) informs thousands of industry leaders around the world about global standards for manufacturing processes, safety requirements, quality assurance, and more. Every few years, they produce updated standards that organizations need to be aware of...
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