What Is SIA Approved Contractor Scheme?


The Security Industry Authority‘s Approved Contractor Scheme( SIA ACS) is a quality assurance program for the private security sector. The SIA created this program to elevate standards within the industry and assist the private security sector in developing new opportunities. The SIA ACS is a voluntary scheme, so whilst security companies don’t have to obtain this accreditation it’s in their best interest to do so as the scheme provides assurance to security Clients that the company meets all security industry standards.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining ACS Status?

SIA ACS delegation is an emblem of quality that shows prospective guests that you’re a licit and respectable business. As such, people will have more trust in your security company.
Inclusion in the Register of Approved Contractors.
Authority to display your ACS accreditation on your stationery, and websites, among others.
Subcontract jobs from larger firms.
SIA-approved wall plaques, lapel badges, and contractor certificates
What Does the ACS scheme cover
The scheme covers the security activities that the SIA license. They are
Manned Guarding, which includes
Security Guarding
Door Supervision( In- house and contractors)
Close Protection
Public Space Surveillance( CCTV)
Cash and Valuables in Transit
Vehicle Immobilisers( In- house and contractors)

How To Get SIA Approved Contractor Status

An independent assessor will determine whether your security company meets the SIA’s requirements for Approved Contractor Status. You’ll need to demonstrate to this assessor that your company meets defined norms in these nine orders

Strategy Your security company must have a clear strategic direction that enables it to offer value to all stakeholders to gain the SIA Approve Contractor Scheme Status.
Processes Your security company needs robust processes to guarantee a harmonious quality of service delivery to guests and stakeholders.

Commercial Relationship Management Your company must promote robust and transparent relationships with its consumers, suppliers, and customers, founded on mutual respect and trust.
Financial Management Your company must be financially feasible with enough coffers to meet its present and unborn scores
Resources Equipment, procedures, and acceptable demesne are necessary to sustain your company within the applicable industry sectors.
People Your security agency must have developed and enforced plans to insure that workers are suitably trained and catered for.

Leadership Companies seeking SIA ACS must have leaders capable of developing and implementing a practical management approach that constantly improves the organization and its performance.
Corporate Social Responsibility Your company should actively manage the effect of its services on the local community.
Results You must be able to measure, understand, and improve your achievements in relation to all stakeholders.