SIA ACS Assessment Process & Safety Standards


The Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme in the United Kingdom. It is designed to raise the overall performance standards and professionalism within the private security industry. The ACS assesses security companies against a set of criteria to ensure they meet specific standards of quality and competence.

ACS is a certification scheme provided by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the United Kingdom. The ACS certification is designed to assess and recognize the competence and professionalism of private security companies operating in the UK.

How obtain ACS Accreditation?

To obtain ACS certification, a security company must undergo a thorough assessment of its operations, management systems, and performance against a set of predefined criteria. These criteria cover various aspects of the company’s operations, including quality management, staff training and competence, screening and vetting procedures, customer care, and adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

Assessment Process of ACS:

The assessment process involves a review of documentation, interviews, and site visits conducted by independent assessors appointed by the SIA. The assessors evaluate the company’s compliance with the ACS standards and its ability to provide high-quality security services.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, the security company is granted ACS certification. This certification demonstrates that the company has met the required standards of professionalism, competence, and quality in its security operations. It provides reassurance to clients that the company operates to high standards and is committed to delivering reliable and effective security services.

The ACS covers a wide range of security services:

  • Manned guarding
  • Key holding
  • Door supervision
  • CCTV operation
  • Close protection.

The Standards Assessed by ACS Include:

Staffing and Training: The Company must demonstrate that it has a sufficient number of trained and qualified staff to meet the requirements of its clients. This includes verifying the qualifications and training records of security personnel.

Screening and Vetting: The Company must have appropriate procedures in place to ensure that all staff undergoes thorough screening and vetting checks. This includes checking criminal records, employment history, and verification of identity.

Management and Operations: The Company’s management systems and processes are assessed to ensure they are effective and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. This includes areas such as health and safety, incident reporting, and contract management.

Customer Care: The Company must have systems in place to monitor and respond to customer feedback and complaints. This includes providing effective channels of communication and resolving any issues in a timely manner.

Continuous Improvement: The ACS encourages companies to continuously improve their services and operations. This involves regular reviews, training programs, and performance monitoring.


The ACS accreditation provides assurance to clients that a security company operates to high standards and is committed to delivering quality services. It also enables security companies to demonstrate their competence and professionalism in the industry.

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