CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)


Complete the CHAS vigor and safety assessment and gain accreditation deprived of the need for any site visits.

As the main supplier of danger alleviation administrations in the UK, CHAS is here to make accomplishing wellbeing and security consistency as straightforward as could reasonably be expected. Our Health and Safety Assessment gives an exhaustive survey of your wellbeing strategy and related methods cycles, plans and records.

By finishing the CHAS Health and Safety Assessment, you can guarantee consistency with significant enactment. Whenever you have picked up accreditation, you can show your consistence to customers through our online customer confronting entry and prequalify for more work openings.

The CHAS Health and Safety Assessment is a work area evaluation so you can give all the important reports electronically and accomplish accreditation without the requirement for any site visits. In any case, you can pick an on-location review on the chance that you’d like



CHAS Health and Safety Assessment Possibilities 

Following Are a few kinds of wellbeing and security accreditation bundles so you can choose which level of accreditation best suits your requirements.

•           Full Desktop Assessment — This is the standard Health and Safety Assessment. You can finish the appraisal electrically by finishing a bunch of inquiries concerning your wellbeing and security strategies and methods and proving your answers with significant archives.

•           CHAS Assured On-Site Audit — This sort of evaluation surveys similar arrangements and systems as the work area appraisal, however, includes an on-location review as well.

•           Deem to Satisfy Application — CHAS is an enrolled SSIP part, so on the off chance that you have just accomplished accreditation through an SSIP part conspire, you can apply for CHAS accreditation through the Deem to Satisfy plot without going through Health and Safety Assessment.

If your business works in a territory of care, a Social Care Services Accreditation Program might be more reasonable than this appraisal.

How Does chas Health and Safety Assessment Work? 

Regardless of whether you decide to sit a work area evaluation or an on-location review, the appraisal will be done by one of the certified assessors with fitting abilities, information and experience.

Utilising your responses to questions and confirming documentation gave, the assessors will audit various parts of your wellbeing and security. They may investigate your strategies, preparing, protection subtleties, support records, development stage plans, and your dangerous substance control (COSHH) and asbestos methods. Your danger evaluations and strategy articulations will likewise assume a significant part in your appraisal. In any case, the assessors adopt a down to earth strategy and will take the size and extent of your business into thought while checking on your data.

Your evaluation will, as a rule, be endorsed inside 10 days. Your accreditation will at that point be shown on your business profile on the CHAS online entry where it will be obvious to more than 1,500 CHAS customers.

To keep up wellbeing and security accreditation, you’ll just have to finish the appraisal once every year. Following a year, you should restore your wellbeing and security arrangements and methods and complete the evaluation with modern answers and proof. You will consistently have simple admittance to your records as a CHAS part — so you can refresh your reports and your profile whenever.

The Assistances of Health and Safety Accreditation

CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

Taking the Health and Safety Assessment accompanies a few advantages. Turning out to be CHAS licensed will help you execute successful danger the executive’s methodologies, follow pertinent enactment, and land more work openings. You will likewise open the CHAS enrollment benefits solely accessible to licensed individuals.

Prequalify for Exclusive Work Prospects 

After effectively finishing the Health and Safety Assessment, your business profile and your accreditation will be noticeable to more than 1,500 customers. You will prequalify for restrictive work openings and with more open doors readily available, you’ll get the opportunity to develop your business.

Streamline the Prequalification Process 

The way toward picking up accreditation and prequalifying for projects is made as basic as conceivable with a solitary yearly review. CHAS individuals additionally approach preparing materials and danger the board assets that can assist them with accomplishing consistency and accreditation.

CHAS wellbeing and security accreditation are intended to be the solitary accreditation you need to prequalify for work openings. It’s broadly perceived and fulfils the rules for another SSIP part conspires. If you need to join other SSIP part plans to prequalify for specific tasks, you can do as such without expecting to sit another evaluation.

CHAS accreditation can likewise save you time and exertion while finishing prequalification surveys, for example, the PAS91. Prequalification surveys consider CHAS accreditation and having finished the Health and Safety Assessment, you might have the option to answer a diminished arrangement of inquiries.


Demonstrate Your Compliance with the CHAS Logo

When certified, you will be qualified to utilise the CHAS logo on your letterhead and attire. This can assist you with chas scheme exhibiting your consistence to various individuals, including customers and representatives, and lift your expert standing and notoriety.

Meet Excellent Health and Safety Standards

The way toward finishing Health and Safety Assessment will make you consider work environment wellbeing and security. The inquiry set is intended to empower compelling danger the board arrangements concerning all parts of wellbeing chas scheme and security, from perilous substance control to manual taking care of and fire security in the working environment.

To effectively finish the appraisal, you should have done careful danger evaluations and executed control chas registration measures to guarantee brilliant wellbeing and security principles all through your business.

Gain Accreditation through Qualified Assessors

CHAS is the main wellbeing and security accreditation plot for temporary workers in the UK and with Health and Safety Assessment, you can guarantee the government assistance of yourself, your business and your labourers.

This appraisal causes you to guarantee dangers are decreased and empowers you to accomplish and show consistency, consoling customers, partners and speculators of your fitness. You will open new work openings, save time and exertion on prequalification measures, and improve your expert standing.

In case you’re essentially hoping to accomplish wellbeing and security accreditation, CHAS H&S could be the most ideal alternative for you. Nonetheless, if you need to accomplish consistency and accreditation across various regions of danger the executives, you might need to consider one of the more exhaustive bundles, for example, CHAS Premier.

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