6 Benefits of being an ACS company

The Approved Contractor Scheme( ACS) is an initiative introduced by the SIA as a quality standard that provides a recognised hallmark of quality within the private security assiduity. The main idea of the Approved Contractor Scheme( ACS) is to raise performance norms in the Security sector by creating a frame for regulated businesses to develop and promote stylish practices.

SIA ACS isn’t a compliance standard, it’snon-prescriptive and can be applied by any organisation anyhow of its size.

Benefits of getting an ACS contractor
At present, there are 837 private companies that hold blessings. Achieving the SIA ACS status is an effective way for security enterprises to demonstrate that they offer quality services that can be trusted by operating immorally, fairly, and employing licensed professionals who have been security screened, like from the Get certified job board for illustration.

Learn 5 benefits that a security company can achieve by getting an ACS company

Quality assured by the SIA

Security companies with an Approved Contractor Scheme( ACS) status are subordinated to regular quality assurance checks. This ensures guests that contractors have passed certain quality checks necessary to operate in the security ecosystem.

Quality assurance from top to nethermost

Sub-contracting is a common practice in private security assiduity. Approved contractors may only sub-contract to other approved contractors unless the SIA has given them special authorization to do else. As a result, guests can be confident that the quality of service they anticipate will be maintained.

Continuity of service

Security companies that don’t hold the ACS status are only suitable to emplace staff that physically hold a valid SIA licence; else, it’s a felonious offence to give security services. still, Approved Contractors can take the special divisions to emplace staff who have completed their training and are staying for their SIA licence operation to be reused. thus, Approved Contractors will be suitable to offer lesser inflexibility and functional effectiveness when supplying security services.

  • Clear client Focus
    The ACS standard is devoted toward service customisation, rather than “ out- the shelf ” packages. guests can anticipate effective client-concentrated procedures in case any issues arise in service delivery.
  • Alliance with Police
    The status of the ACS is recognised by the police and offers the eventuality for enhanced working connections. This can help security firms to give practical benefits by developing alliances with the police for business and community enterprise. The SIA ACS standard is also beneficial because it not only allows the SIA to fulfil its main ideal of furnishing protection to the general public, but it also provides confidence to all stakeholders, similar as guests, the police force, and end- druggies, that they’re dealing with a largely professional security establishment.
  • Industry Recognition
    Working for an industry-leading company can be a proud moment for any employee, and it’s no different within security. Security companies that are part of the ACS are recognised by the industry body, i.e. SIA, thus stylish practices are enforced at all times to ensure they lead by example. However, you’ll be looked after as a hand and awarded fairly, If you’re a security professional working for an ACS company.

As a security company, the status of an Approved contractor can offer increased credibility and flexibility. So, if you’re interested in joining the Approved Contractor Scheme, click here So that we can provide you with relevant information about how to get the approval